Appeltjes van Oranje 2024 (Eng)

For the 22nd edition of the Appeltjes van Oranje, we are looking for projects that bring people, participants and volunteers, together on an equal footing to actively reduce the impact of loneliness. Eligible projects should be unique, creative, meaningful initiatives that address people's need to be together, to see other people and to be seen as equals, while addressing their strengths rather than their loneliness.



The award for initiatives that matter 

The Appeltjes van Oranje is a yearly award recognizing and rewarding three initiatives by organizations that work within our domain, social services, towards an inclusive, engaged society - initiatives that are unique, creative and meaningful and have been running for at least one year. With their beautiful results efforts such as these serve as an inspiration for others. 

The award consists of a bronze statuette designed and made by Princess Beatrix and a cash sum of €25.000. The prize money may be spent freely in line with the winning initiative's objectives. In principle, every year, Queen Máxima hands out the awards at Paleis Noordeinde, while every five years, the awards are handed out by King Willem-Alexander.

Theme for 2024: Fighting loneliness together! 

The theme for 2024 is Fighting loneliness together! Loneliness is a pressing issue, affecting one in ten people. It is not just the elderly; loneliness often affects other groups as well, such as young people, people from immigrant backgrounds, and people of different sexual orientations.  Loneliness is a feeling of want, a sense of lacking meaningful connections that everyone understands and that can affect anyone. It is a sense of social isolation that can make you feel overlooked or insignificant, even in a large group.  

Successful approaches empower individuals to take action, regain control and live a meaningful life. That is why, for this Appeltjes van Oranje 2024 theme, we are looking for projects that successfully engage and mobilize those experiencing loneliness.

How to participate? 

Organizations can register to participate in the Appeltjes van Oranje. This was possible from January 15 to February 23. The deadline is extended. It is therefore no longer possible to register for the Appeltjes van Oranje.

Selection Process 

In October of 2024, the three initiatives that will be handed the coveted Appeltje van Oranje at Noordeinde Palace in The Hague will have gone through the following selection process:

  • The Oranje Fonds makes an initial selection based on the registration form and official documents. At this phase of the selection, the focus will be on the criteria as well as on producing a diverse selection of initiatives (in terms of geography, type of organization, target groups and approach). From all submissions received, we will select no more than 40 that are based in the Netherlands and up to 10 based in the Caribbean.

  • The initiatives will be voted on by the public over the course of ten days in May 2024, and then move on to the national finals on Saturday June 8 where the organizations will present their initiatives to other selected participants and to the jury. 

  • At that point, 10 finalists will be announced: 8 initiatives from the Netherlands and 2 from the Caribbean. 

  • The (board)jury selects the winners.   


Initiatives that have a chance to win an Apple of Orange must meet a number of criteria. Read the Dutch and Caribbean criteria below.

Dutch Criteria

Caribbean Criteria (eng)

Caribbean Criteria (Papiamentu)

Caribbean Criteria (Papiamento)

Caribbean Criteria (NL)


Note: the online consultation hours are intended for initiatives from the Netherlands. Initiatives form the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands can contact Mrs. Elly Hellings via


Send us an e-mail at

Winners 2023 

In 2023 Queen Máxima handed out the Appeltjes van Oranje to three projects within the theme “Bruggenbouwers in de buurt”. Learn more about the winners and their inspiring stories.

Appeltje van Oranje winners 2023