Social welfare in the Netherlands

The Oranje Fonds is an endowed foundation and the largest in the area of social welfare in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It aims to promote participation in society. Our support brings people together, or enables them to find a new place in society. Annually, we invest about € 30 million in almost 9.000 social initiatives in the Netherlands and the Caribean part of the Kingdom.

The Oranje Fonds supports social cohesion and social integration projects such as small-scale community initiatives, mentoring projects for young people, and language programmes. In addition to traditional methods of support to many projects, the Oranje Fonds seeks to fulfil a stimulating function.

Our key priorities are:

• To enable development and innovation within our field of activity;
• To initiate or develop executive activity;
• To address the shortage of available activities and organisations.

Caribean part of the Kingdom

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